For brand new parents, it is almost impossible to find an hour to get some good sleep let alone find some time to get in a workout. Running is a quick and simple way to exercise that more parents are turning to these days with the help of a jogging stroller. No need to find a sitter, and the kids really enjoy it. If you have been searching for a means to get back into shape then having one of these to use with your children has its advantages. Yes, they can be quite expensive, but the value that they can deliver to your family can really pay off for you in the long run. It is a great investment in your health and it is something that the whole family can enjoy.

Advantages of Using a Running Stroller

Below are just some of the ways that this piece of equipment can transform the way that you look and feel.

Weight Loss

This one may seem pretty obvious, but it usually the number one reason that most folks start to exercise. Whether you are looking to shed some weight after child birth or Dad wanting to lose some of that beer belly, jogging at a steady pace can help you achieve your weight loss goals. When you are pushing your child around in a stroller, the intensity of your workout is raised further helping you burn more calories. Add in off road trails, or steep inclines and you can get in quite a work out.

Outdoor Adventure

This is more for the kids. We all say that we are not going to let our kids grow up to be couch potatoes or stay glued to the TV or computer for hours on end, but this is hard at times to put into practice. If you start your kids out early by exposing them to the outside world by riding in a running stroller, they may be more inclined to love being outside of the house more when they are older. You will also give them a positive example on the importance of being active and make a lasting impression on them that they can take with them throughout their lives. Active parents are more prone to have active kids.

Family Bonding

This is another product of using one of these strollers. It gives the entire family something to look forward to and it is usually a rewarding experience for everyone. Using a quality stroller that ensures a comfortable ride for your little passenger will go a long way to making them happy. Again, staying active as a family is its own reward and many parents love to spend the time with their kids doing something productive and healthy. The time spent together will also have a lasting impact.

What Should You Look For In A New Stroller

So if now we got you interested in getting a new jogger it is important to know which are the most important features your new ride should have. The best jogging stroller is one that you will enjoy using on a daily basis that is safe and easy to use. Below are certain aspects to keep an eye on when shopping for a running stroller.

Suspension & Tires

This is vital if you plan on going off concrete roads and onto more bumpy terrain. Some of the higher quality options come with independent suspension with shock absorbers. This is usually for serious runners or those who like to go on hiking trails. Air filled tires are another feature that can help produce a smooth ride and reduce some of the effects of bumpy terrain. Both of these can help lessen the jarring of your child as they ride.

Swivel Front Wheel That Locks

This is a nice feature to have for maneuverability. The swivel wheel can help you take turns and sharp corners with ease at a slower pace. If you plan on picking up the speed then locking the front wheel will help keep the stroller in a straight line and help prevent tipping.


If you are going for a longer distance than just around the block you will want to make sure to bring your emergency gear for the little one. A place for diapers, bottles, wipes and so forth will definitely come in handy. You always want to be prepared for the worst so you want to ensure that there is ample room to store all of your supplies.


This is another vital feature that you should not overlook. The skin of a young child is extremely sensitive and having a large adjustable sun canopy is key to protecting them from the damaging rays of the sun.

A Family That Runs Together

Exercising with your kids has several benefits that always makes it a worthwhile endeavor. Following some of the useful tips for using a jogger with your kids can also go along way to ensuring everyone stays safe and has fun. Using a running stroller and starting them early can have a lasting positive affect that they can carry with them for ever. Not only will you be a shining role model of what they should do to lead a healthy life, but you will also help yourself by getting into shape. It is an investment, but it is one that can pay off big.